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Peer review

Peer review

All articles proposed for publication in the journal are vetted through anonymous review by various specialists – external experts, members of the journal’s editorial council and editorial board, and professors and research scholars from the Department of Political Science of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The readers assess the quality of scholarly research, followed by an author’s methodology, sources, references and the interpretation of results.

After due consideration the readers then submit their reviews to the editorial board, specifying the suitability of the article, its strengths and perceived weaknesses, and any revisions they may advise. A recommendation to the editorial board may be to publish the article; to publish after futher revision and review; or to reject the article. Based on this assessment, the board makes its own decision as to whether to publish and informs the author. If the article needs revision, the text of the review, with the reader’s remarks, recommendations and comments, is sent to the author for reference purposes. In the article is rejected, the author may read the review – with the reader’s identity remaining undisclosed – but no further consideration will be offered.

Reviews on each article are stored for at least five years after the submission of the reviews to the editorial boards. Upon request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, copies of reviews are available for the Ministry.