ISSN 0868-4871


The journal Moscow University Bulletin. Series 12. Political Science publishes articles on the theory, methodology and history of the various branches of political science; applied research on Russian and world politics; educational materials for teachers and students of political science; bibliographic data and book reviews; and information on roundtables and conferences.

Series 12 was first published in 1971 under the title Theory of Scientific Communism; in 1989 it was renamed Socio-political Studies before assuming its present title in 1995.

The series Political Science is published by the Department of Political Science of Lomonosov Moscow State University once every two months. Up to 70 different contributions appear within the covers of the journal annually, including scholarly articles and reports; conference, panel discussion and seminar proceedings; scholarly reviews with critical commentary; and information resource reviews. Preparation and publication of the journal are the responsibility of the editor-in-chief, Prof. A.Yu. Shutov, and two assistants: Prof. P.A. Tsygankov and Senior Research Scholar Z.N. Osadchenko. The journal’s editorial board members are drawn from among leading specialists in different subdivisions of the discipline within the university’s Department of Political Science. In 2012 an international editorial board for Series 12: Political Science was established.

The journal is a constituent member of the national roster of peer-reviewed Russian academic periodicals that publish the principal scholarly findings of theses submitted for Kandidat and Doctoral degrees. It also figures among Russia’s ten most frequently cited political science publications. The results of a broad spectrum of scholarly studies – theoretical, practical and experimental, by Russian and international contributors in political science and related fields – regularly appear on the pages of Series 12. The journal makes a special effort to acquaint the international political science community with the work of Political Science Department faculty and the vetting of graduate student and doctoral candidate research. In all these ways Series 12: Political Science contributes to the greater University scholarly environment, without which progress in the discipline and in the training of qualified political science specialists would be impossible.